ASA Daily News and Registration News put ANESTHESIOLOGY® 2015 at your fingertips


The info-packed printed Registration News is roll-able, foldable and available in the registration area.

Whether you’re on site or you couldn’t make it to San Diego this year, the electronic ASA Daily offers the news and information you need to stay informed on what’s happening at the ANESTHESIOLOGY 2015 annual meeting.

Check your email each morning for late-breaking news, information on the day’s events and recaps of sessions you might have missed.

Although the ASA Daily has gone all-electronic, we still recognize the utility and convenience of the occasional printed material. This year, ASA offers meeting attendees the printed ANESTHESIOLOGY 2015 Registration News, which features key information to help you navigate the meeting – hotel locations, shuttle schedules, dates and times of important events and much more. Be sure to pick up this handy, easy-to-carry reference guide in the registration area.

We hope the ASA Daily News and the new Registration News will be useful and enjoyable additions to your meeting experience. We look forward to seeing you every morning!


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