Question of the Day: ‘What brought you to the exhibits today?’

The companies that exhibit at the ANESTHESIOLOGY annual meeting each year contribute greatly to its success. Their support is crucial to the vitality and viability of the meeting experience. The Daily News asked Connection Center attendees what brought them to the exhibit hall.


1025-Asbahi_IhsanIhsan Asbahi, M.D.
Texas Tech University
Lubbock, Texas

“I came to the meeting overall to present a poster. But I’m here at the exhibit hall because of all the ads I got from ASA in the mail! I really like it so far — it’s pretty sweet. I’m from Detroit, and it reminds me of the Detroit auto show in its size.”


1025-Koyyalamudi_PushpaPushpa Koyyalamudi, M.D.
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center
Shreveport, Louisiana

“I wanted to learn about the latest developments in anesthesia. You get so involved in your daily practice that you don’t keep track of the latest stuff that’s going on. The exhibits are very useful so we can update ourselves. There’s just so much stuff out there — and sometimes we haven’t been using this technology.”


1025-Biggs_DanielDaniel Biggs, M.D., M.S.
University of Oklahoma
Oklahoma City

“It’s a great way to fill in my gaps of time between scheduled sessions. It’s always amazing. I’ve been here many, many times before, and it’s always very good to go see what’s new and what’s out there.”



1025-Bian_ElvaElva Bian, D.O.
University of Texas Medical Branch

“It’s my first time here. I just got here and I’ve just starting working my way through. It’s pretty amazing. It’s huge.”



1025-Wickrama_TJT.J. Wickrama, FRCA
Queen’s Hospital
Romford, United Kingdom

“I tend to pick up interesting things each time I come here. This time I learned about stockings for anesthetists. It’s something simple, but a new product that changes your attitude toward your practice. These companies really contribute to our future — if they’re not here, it’s difficult to learn about new things.”

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