Question of the Day: ‘What is the most important issue facing anesthesia in the next few years?’


The specialty faces a great many challenges and opportunities now and in the near future. The Daily News asked ASA members to reveal the most pressing issue facing their practice.


1026-Belon_CraigCraig Belon, M.D., Ph.D.
Columbia University Medical Center
New York, New York

“Integration of basic science research into clinical anesthesia.”



1026-Hawkins_PrestonPreston Hawkins, M.D.
Spaulding Regional Hospital
Griffin, Georgia

“Reimbursement for what we do. I fear it’s going to be compartmentalized and we’ll have to disperse funds from the procedure to … whomever and wherever. That’s what’s worrisome — if we end up at the bottom of the food chain!”


1026-Beattie_W ScottW. Scott Beattie, M.D.
Ancaster, Ontario, Canada

“I think patient safety issues are probably the biggest thing — the fact that anesthesiologists probably have more to offer in the perioperative setting than people realize. The idea of the ASA’s Perioperative Surgical Home is a pretty good idea, and it already exists in Canada where anesthesiologists are in charge of the preoperative clinic right through to postoperative care as well. That has the potential to improve outcomes and make patients happier with their care.”


1026-Lin_SusanSusan Lin, M.D.
Honolulu, Hawaii

“The whole concept of the Perioperative Surgical Home. That’s a new concept we’re learning about right now, and we’re trying to bring that concept into our group. There’s going to be a transition period … but I think it will work.”


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