Question of the day: ‘Why does ASA membership matter to you?’

Membership Matters is a communications campaign highlighting the value of ASA membership for all providers of anesthesia care, so the ASA Daily News asked attendees about the value of joining ASA.


D2-ApplebaumJeffrey Apfelbaum, M.D.
University of Chicago
Northbrook, Illinois

“It is extraordinarily helpful in terms of all the educational requirements I need to fulfill for maintaining board certification, for keeping up with the times and for ensuring that my ability to care for patients is at its best.”



D2-SpruiellLinwood Spruiell, M.D.
Sentara Medical Group
Suffolk, Virginia

“As a professional, you should be a member of your national society. It helps us not only locally but politically. Services, and certainly this conference, are an important part of membership. In particular, I participate in the SEE (Self-Education and Evaluation) program.”


D2-PatelBinita Patel, M.D.
East Orange VA Medical Center
Cresskill, New Jersey

“I would like to find out more about membership benefits. As a member, the ASA booklets are really an advantage because if I am a member, they come at a reduced price. When I prepared for my MOCA cognitive exam, it helped me a lot.”


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