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Dr. Eleswarpu, a busy CA-1 resident, just took the ASA Monitor/ASAP Weekly survey. You should, too!

Dr. Eleswarpu, a busy CA-1 resident, just took the ASA Monitor/ASAP Weekly survey. You should, too!

The ASA Monitor has gone through some big changes over the last year. It got a new name (it had long grown out of its ASA Newsletter designation). It has its own website. And its content is now being accompanied by informative and entertaining podcasts.

What hasn’t changed — and never will — is the fact that, each month, the ASA Monitor brings you the best news, information and even education, delivered by your peers, who are renowned experts in their respective fields.

In a medical specialty with as many concentrations as anesthesiology, and in a society with 54,000 members, it can be difficult to appeal to everyone in a single publication. But that’s what the ASA Monitor attempts to do every month of the year. And even if your own field of study isn’t highlighted, there is invariably something new to learn in every issue.

Sarada Eleswarpu, M.D., a CA-1 resident from Vanderbilt University, stopped by the Publications and Digital Content booth in the ASA Resource Center to explain why she finds the Monitor valuable.

“Even though I’m just starting out in anesthesiology, I find the ASA Monitor to be useful and entertaining. I haven’t chosen a subspecialty yet, so it’s great to learn about all the options from people who are leaders in their fields,” Dr. Eleswarpu said. “As a resident, I don’t have a lot of time for outside reading, but when I do look through the Monitor I learn something new every time. It’s a great ASA member benefit.”

In the current ASA Monitor survey (which also asks your input on our ASAP Weekly e-publication), Dr. Eleswarpu shared her thoughts on what she likes about the Monitor and what she thought we could do better.

She urged other ASA members to do so as well.

So tell us how you feel about two of ASA’s most widely accessed publications in the ASA Monitor and ASAP Weekly survey.

You can find the survey here.

It closes on November 4 — so speak your mind today!


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