‘Father of modern business strategy’ to kick off ANESTHESIOLOGY 2016

  • The Future Perioperative Physician: Leaders in Value-Based Health Care Delivery
  • Saturday, 9-10:30 a.m.
  • Room W375A-C

Michael Porter

Fortune magazine has called Harvard business strategist Michael Porter “the most famous and influential business professor who has ever lived.”

Porter said he is eager to engage an audience consisting of individuals who will play influential roles in shaping the health care system of the future when he speaks at the ANESTHESIOLOGY 2016 Opening Session.

“Anesthesiologists are central to the care of many conditions and are key to improving patient value in multiple ways,” he said. “I look forward to sharing the value-based health care framework with this vital group.”

Porter’s talk, “The Future Perioperative Physician: Leaders in Value-Based Health Care Delivery,” will address what he considers to be a unique opportunity for ASA and its membership to redefine value for their patients and, through a collective voice, catalyze outcome and efficiency improvements for years to come.

Porter is the Bishop William Lawrence University Professor at Harvard Business School and director of the school’s Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness. He is universally recognized as the founder of the modern strategy field.

A considerable portion of Porter’s career has been dedicated to the economics of health care, with a focus on building the intellectual framework for realigning the delivery of health care to maximize value to patients. He has written 19 books and written or co-written several seminal articles on delivering value in health care, including, most recently, “How to Pay for Health Care,” “The Strategy That Will Fix Health Care” and “The Big Idea: How to Solve the Cost Crisis in Health Care.”

The central tenets of Porter’s philosophy have many parallels with those of anesthesiology, particularly the singular focus on the best interests of the patient. For Porter, protecting the profession of anesthesiology and protecting the best interests of the patient are mutually reinforced through the value-based health care agenda.

“It starts with a focus on delivering the outcomes that matter most to patients,” he said. “Individual anesthesiologists need to become key decision-makers in their multidisciplinary care teams and leaders in creating buy-in on the value agenda for their organizations.”

Don’t miss this unique opportunity for a front-row seat to one of the best minds in business and health care strategy in the world.

Porter’s Redefining Health Care Available in ASA Retail Shop

You can take away more than just memories of Porter’s talk by visiting the ASA Retail Shop after the Opening Session. There, his critically acclaimed book Redefining Health Care: Creating Value-Based Competition on Results will be available for purchase, along with a variety of other ASA products.


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