Question of the day: What does the annual meeting do best?

On the first full day of the meeting, the ASA Daily News talked to a few attendees to learn what they thought the ANESTHESIOLOGY annual meeting does best.

1023-kaye_robert“There are so many things to learn from. I’m enjoying the medically challenging cases, which are a lot of fun. I also like the networking side of it. You meet so many people here, which is something you can’t find in other types of meetings. And it’s big. Sometimes there are several things going on at the same time, and you want to do two or three things, but you have to pick one. But that’s a good problem.”

Robert Kaye, M.D.
University of California, Davis Children’s Hospital
Sacramento, California


1023-dalal_priti“What the ASA meeting does best is to get anesthesiologists from all over the world together. I like seeing and meeting my friends internationally here. It feels like one big anesthesia world community. I also like the fact that everything is electronic now — that’s a good thing. We used to have to carry big books and posters around.”

Priti Dalal, M.D., FRCA
Penn State Hershey Medical Center
Hershey, Pennsylvania


1023-fritz_mark“It’s a chance to meet people from all over the world, to meet the vendors in one location instead of individually in your hospital. And then the education opportunities — the quality of the lectures, the posters — you can’t get it anywhere else. There are a lot of good meetings out there, but none of them do it quite on the scale this meeting does.”

Mark Fritz, M.D.
Swedish Medical Center
Seattle, Washington

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