‘What ASA member benefit is most valuable to you?’

From a hugely popular Rovenstine Lecture, to standing-room-only Medically Challenging Cases sessions, to routinely packed poster areas, ANESTHESIOLOGY 2016 has offered attendees the best science, education, entertainment and value available anywhere in the specialty.

As the meeting winds down, the Daily News surveyed attendees to get their take on the most valuable ASA member benefit.


1026-alian“This meeting is so valuable — to get updated guidelines in research, to get familiar with the technology that’s happening. You can’t touch base with every representative at your own place, but you can see everybody here. The whole meeting is just sort of a refresher course for me, scientifically, research-wise. I’m so grateful for that. This is a wonderful meeting.”

Aymen Alian, M.D.
Yale University


1026-flores“Really, just the huge amount of information that ASA provides us at all times. And especially this meeting, which has been really good.”

Cynthia Flores, M.D.
Zapopan, Mexico



1026-gebhard“This meeting is extremely valuable, obviously. I think that’s the most important aspect of membership to me … that I’m able to come to this conference and participate and meet and mingle with people. This has been a fantastic meeting. It’s always a good meeting.”

Ralf Gebhard, M.D.
University of Miami


1026-klinger“I think representation on the local and national levels — advocacy. Individually, I’m not currently active in advocacy, so I really appreciate ASA doing that on my behalf at this point.”

Rebecca Klinger, M.D.
Duke University











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