What are you most looking forward to at ANESTHESIOLOGY 2017?

“I am looking to learn about upgrades in technology, the Perioperative Surgical Home and corresponding with colleagues as I get closer to retirement. In the area of technology, I want to learn about techniques and different approaches to regional anesthesia, including the technology used to do it, such as different types of ultrasound.”

U.S. Navy Cmdr. Richard Waclawski, M.D.
Fort Pendelton, California



“Governance issues — how anesthesiologists are represented, what we can do to better represent ourselves. A big issue is out-of-network payments. We had a bill in California, AB-72, that made our contracting very difficult. We are looking at how different states are handling those issues and how we can do a better job with that.”

Paul Yost, M.D.
Seal Beach, California



“I want to learn more about medications, the agents we use. There have been some recent reports about propofol’s mechanism of action, which is interesting, so I want to learn about any research related to that.”

Joan Christie, M.D.
St. Pete Beach, Florida

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