ACE & SEE Live: Changing your practice

  • ACE & SEE Live: An Interactive Patient Safety Session (PN418)
  • 1-3 p.m. Tuesday
  • BCEC Room 259AB

Get the latest updates on a variety of patient safety issues Tuesday during a fast-paced, interactive session led by editors of ASA’s ACE and SEE education programs.

The session will address at least 15 topics by posting questions and collecting answers from attendees through an audience-response system. The panel of editors will provide the correct answers during a five-minute discussion of each question. The session will end with a question-and-answer period.

Laurence Torsher, M.D.

“The session will be like anesthesia Jeopardy,” said moderator Laurence Torsher, M.D. “It will be a total grab bag. If you are bored with one item, don’t walk away because the next item may well be far more interesting to you. It is going to take place in five-minute chunks. We may have a pain question, followed by a cardiac anesthesia question, followed by an orthopedic surgery or regional anesthesia question.”

The topics will rotate between ACE and SEE questions selected from information published by the study programs in the last year. The ACE program focuses on topics from the American Board of Anesthesiology Outline of Knowledge while SEE collects current academic literature from about 40 journals.

“We have presented this session in the past, and people really seemed to enjoy it,” said Dr. Torsher, an anesthesiologist at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota. “We are only using information from the last several months because we want items that are interesting and timely. We want topics where there are fairly definitive answers.

“We also want questions that are patient safety-oriented. We want questions that make you say to yourself, ‘This could change my practice. I think I could take better care of my patients if I had this information.’”

Both ACE and SEE publish new sets of 100 questions and answers twice a year to help anesthesiologists keep current with new developments, Dr. Torsher said. The questions are published in print and online with one- to two-page discussions of the topics. The print versions include workbooks and answer books while the online versions can be used on a computer or a mobile app in both Apple and Android formats.

“The session is really a smorgasbord,” he said. “We are not trying to teach somebody something really in-depth about one item. We are trying to present a broad experience of items that will make people say, ‘Isn’t this fun? Isn’t it cool?’

“In the end, this is going to be a fun way to sample a broad number of topics in an interactive manner.”

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