‘What has been the highlight of your ANESTHESIOLOGY 2017?’

“The hands-on workshops. I have taken more advantage of them this year than in previous years. There were some difficult airway workshops as well as thoracic anesthesia and lung isolation workshops. They had equipment my hospital doesn’t have or have access to, so I was able to touch that for the first time.”

Travis Higdon, M.D.
Columbia Anesthesia Group
Camas, Washington


“It is a great opportunity to meet anesthesiologists from all over the world. We are here not only for great lectures but to exchange ideas. The Severinghaus lecture from Dr. Brown was phenomenal. To think that in the 1930s they were looking at EEG and now 70-80 years later we are looking at the same thing …”

Myriam Garzon, M.D., M.B.A.
Orlando VA Medical Center
Winter Park, Florida


“I enjoyed seeing the exhibits because this is a much bigger meeting than what we have in New Zealand. It is interesting to come across the noted speakers from the big institutions. It was also good to see the beautiful city of Boston.”

Luk Chin, M.D.
Angleesa Hospital
Cambridge, New Zealand


“It has helped refresh my previous knowledge. I have been in practice for a number of years, so instead of reading textbooks I can get refreshed while sitting and relaxed. All of the Refresher Courses are nice. I wish I had time to attend all of them.”

Tsegazeab Tesfamariam, M.D.
Glenelg, Maryland


“Hearing about the use of opioids; opioid use during anesthesia may affect the increased use of opioids after anesthesia.”

Tomohiko Aoe, M.D.
Teikyo Chiba Medical Center
Ichihara, Chiba, Japan

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