‘What interesting or useful products have you seen in the Connection Center?’

“For me, it is a lot of the small things. It’s great that there are machines and ultrasound, etc., but the average practicing anesthesiologist does not purchase the big equipment. I like seeing items like pre-made bite blocks or I.V. extension things that are small and easily obtained but can make big differences in our daily workflow.” 

Christopher Choukalas, M.D.
University of California, San Francisco


“I am looking for a PCEA (patient-controlled epidural analgesia) device. It is new technology that has been introduced. One company is promoting it, and I am trying to get more information about it. I am also looking for a needle for a combined spinal epidural.”

Hiroyuki Sumikura, M.D.
Jutendo University
Tokyo, Japan


“The new anesthesia machines are interesting. We are upgrading our current machines, so I liked looking at the digital vaporizers and the interface they have. It is new technology for us because we are on an older platform.”

Jeb Sorom, M.D.
Confluence Health
Wenatchee, Washington




“I am looking for ultrasound and I’ve seen a lot of high-quality instruments. For us, it is a bit of a price point because it is a pricey technology. We need the technology, so now it is just trying to get the best value for the dollar. There are a lot of options.”

Henry Macler, M.D.
Pittsburgh Ketamine
White Oak, Pennsylvania


“I saw a video intubating stylet. It is interesting because we don’t have something like that in our institution. It was something I had not seen before, and I guess that’s why I am here.”

Morgane Giordano, M.D.
Mount Sinai Hospital
New York

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