2 quick tips to enhance your virtual annual meeting experience

We hope you’re enjoying the meeting so far and that you’re finding the interface to be intuitive and enjoyable.

If you haven’t done so already, there are two very simple actions you can take to make sure your schedule and agenda are fully maximized.

1: Update Your Time Zone

You’ll want your schedule to sync with the time zone you live in. To personalize your time zone, simply click your “Profile” button in the top right corner of your menu bar when you are logged in to the meeting. Then click “EDIT YOUR PROFILE.”

Now, click the Time Zone pull-down menu, choose your time zone, and click “Save Changes”:

2: View Full Education Session Agenda by Time

There’s a handy way for you to see all educational sessions by day and time, with the ability to filter by topic. Go to the Lobby screen, scroll down, and select “View Full Education Session Agenda by Time”:

Once you click the “View Full Education Session Agenda by Time” option, you’ll see the entire educational program in chronological order.

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