Don’t miss the Journal-sponsored sessions at ANESTHESIOLOGY 2020

As in previous years, Anesthesiology is sponsoring several sessions during ANESTHESIOLOGY 2020. Take advantage of this outstanding opportunity to join Anesthesiology for all the great content planned.

Saturday, October 3

Best Abstract Sessions, Clinical and Basic

Anesthesiology sponsors Best Abstract sessions in both basic and clinical science. Abstracts with important scientific and clinical application and novelty were chosen by a panel of editors from the highest-scoring abstracts from ASA subcommittees

Sunday, October 4

Celebration of Research

Join us for the 19th annual Celebration of Research, when the recipients of the 2020 ASA Excellence in Research Award and the James E. Cottrell, MD Presidential Scholar Award will be awarded, and each recipient will present a lecture on their research accomplishments. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to see your peers being honored.

Journal Symposium: Hemodynamics

This session covers the latest developments in hemodynamic management from preoperative evaluation, intraoperative, and postoperative management into the intensive care unit, use of invasive and noninvasive measurement technologies, and pharmacology.

Initial Results of Clinical Trials

This session provides the initial presentation of major randomized clinical trial results with clinically important primary outcomes. Presentations are based on manuscripts accepted for publication in Anesthesiology or in major multi-specialty journals.

Monday, October 5

Large Clinical Trials in Anesthesiology – Advanced Methodology and Management

The session is for the clinician and clinical investigator working or interested in clinical trials in anesthesiology who have a moderate to advanced level of knowledge. It covers major methodological and organizational aspects of trials in different subspecialties within anesthesiology.

Anesthesiology doesn’t simply publish findings – it publishes research with immediate impact and enduring foundational value to transform clinical practice and provide Trusted Evidence: Discovery to Practice®

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