Question of the Day: What new idea will you take back to your practice?

ANESTHESIOLOGY® 2018 featured a packed schedule of education sessions, workshops and distinguished speakers. With so many learning opportunities, the final day of the meeting prompted the ASA Daily News staff to ask the question:

What new idea will you take back to your practice?

“The regional and ERAS scalp block for neurosurgical patients is very intriguing, and I would definitely like to bring that back to use right away for my neurosurgical patients. My practice does not do this, so it’s very exciting.”Cliff Muneses, M.D.
Baltimore, Maryland
“I just attended a lecture on the changing fasting regimen for elective surgery in pediatrics. The new proposition calls for just 30 minutes of fasting from clear fluids. It’s a shorter fasting regimen and it equates to less operative stress than the previous two-hour regimen.”Louise Corbellini
Porto Alegre, Brazil
“The biggest thing I’ve learned is emergency, front-of-neck airway techniques. At our small facility, it’s not uncommon for me to be the only physician in the hospital. So, I was looking for educational opportunities to improve my skills. I’m hoping I never have to use it. But now I have it in my back pocket as a measure of safety that I didn’t before.”David Grosshans, D.O.
Lincoln, Nebraska

“I just came from the Committee on Communications meeting and discovered the “When Seconds Count” toolkit to educate patients at the point of care. I don’t have to think, because the toolkit does it for me. I did not know about this tool. I can’t wait to use it myself and tell others about it.”

Lisa Chan, M.D.
Houston, Texas

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