2018 John W. Severinghaus Lecture on Translational Science: Mixed research methods help improve patient health and safety

Karen B. Domino, M.D., M.P.H., presents the 2018 John W. Severinghaus Lecture on Translational Science.

Recognizing differences in pain perception

Not all patients with pain are the same. But what makes them different? Two pain medicine experts addressed that question in Tuesday’s session “Pain Perception and Treatment: We Are Not All the Same.”

To tweet or not to tweet

The use of social media has increased dramatically over the past decade, with about 70 percent of U.S. adults using at least one social media site. Should physicians join the social media bandwagon? What’s in it for them and their patients?

Large group consolidation enjoys a healthy debate

Does large group consolidation benefit anesthesiology as a specialty?

Question of the Day: What new idea will you take back to your practice?

“I just came from the Committee on Communications meeting and discovered the “When Seconds Count” toolkit to educate patients at the point of care. I don’t have to think, because the toolkit does it for me. I did not know about this tool. I can’t wait to use it myself and tell others about it.”

Workshop focuses on recommendations, devices for managing difficult airways

Careful assessment and planning can help anesthesiologists have strategies in place before the induction of anesthesia, which saves crucial time if an emergency occurs.

PSH Scholarship Program participants celebrate first-ever ASA scholarships, share successes and challenges

The PSH Scholarship Event brought together representatives from the three inaugural scholarship winners along with industry sponsors. The scholarships are the first of their kind for ASA and speak to the level of support ASA and industry leaders have extended to the PSH model.

Celebration of Research honors outstanding contributors to the science of anesthesiology

Leading anesthesiologists who have dedicated their careers to scientific inquiry and the achievements they’ve brought to the specialty and practice of anesthesiology were acknowledged during Monday’s Celebration of Research.

Decision-making for patients with coronary stents

An increasing number of patients with coronary stents have a noncardiac operation each year. Approximately 5 to 15 percent of patients will present for a surgical procedure within the first year after stent placement.

2018 Emery A. Rovenstine Memorial Lecture: Mentorship is a critical part of what we do

In his inspirational presentation “Mentoring the Next Generation of Leaders,” Dr. Zerwas, who is serving his sixth legislative term in the Texas House of Representatives, encouraged anesthesiologists to develop their leadership skills at a grassroots level by seeking opportunities to mentor the next generation and propel the field of anesthesiology forward within health care and their individual careers.