The path toward leadership in anesthesiology

  • Anesthesiologists as Leaders in Healthcare Administration, Industry and Public Policy: Tracing the Journey
  • 1:15-3:15 p.m. Saturday
  • West, Room 2004

Given the unique nature of anesthesiology as a specialty, anesthesiologists are well-positioned to make contributions as physician-executives in health care systems, private industry and public service.

For one, physician-led health care organizations tend to outperform health care organizations led by non-physicians, and anesthesiologists are experienced at impacting the bottom line.

Mohammed Minhaj, M.D., M.B.A., focuses on translating physician skills into leadership opportunities.

“We work in both the highest cost center and highest revenue generators of most health care organizations, which include operating rooms, intensive care units and pain clinics,” said Mohammed Minhaj, M.D., M.B.A., Vice Chair for Finance & Operations and Vice President of the Medical Staff at University of Chicago Medicine.

Also, anesthesiologists are skilled at managing others with diplomacy.

“We interact with a wide variety of medical specialties in the hospital, including surgeons, intensivists, internists, obstetricians and radiologists. We recognize how to manage others’ clinical needs,” Dr. Minhaj said.

Learning how to translate physician skills into leadership opportunities in the business C suite is the focus of Saturday’s session “Anesthesiologists as Leaders in Healthcare Administration, Industry and Public Policy: Tracing the Journey.” Dr. Minhaj is among the physicians who will show how others have done it and provide valuable insight on why the physician-executive is vital to the health care industry.

Moderated by Dr. Minhaj and ASA CEO Paul Pomerantz, this inspiring session will feature a panel of anesthesiologists who have successfully transitioned to the executive suite. Featured on the panel will be William T. Denman, M.D., an Anesthesiologist with Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, who will discuss his journey from pediatric anesthesiologist to industry CMO, and Sam L. Page, M.D., who will highlight his career path from anesthesiologist to politician, as a member of the Missouri House of Representatives.

The anesthesiologists-executives will share their stories about getting started from their career trajectory, what led them to the executive positions they’ve held and career lessons they’ve learned along the way, especially what they might have done differently and advice for others who are considering similar options.

The session will include real-world scenarios executives are likely to encounter, with feedback from panelists on how they would handle them. A significant amount of time will be allowed for questions and answers. Audience participation is highly encouraged.

From administrative roles to an executive position outside of the clinical setting, this is an important session for anesthesiologists seeking to expand their career horizons for personal and professional growth.

“Attendees can hopefully take some of the lessons from the panel and apply them to their local institutions or individual careers if they’re interested in following a similar career path,” Dr. Minhaj said. “Many physicians go into medicine with the idea of giving back. There are many different ways to do it.”

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