October 22

Keynote Address: Teamwork a foundation for improved outcomes

Anesthesia and sterile environments are seen as the first two foundations of improved outcomes in surgery, but teamwork is establishing itself as an equally important part of that foundation. Atul Gawande, M.D., explained that vision Saturday during his ANESTHESIOLOGY 2017 Keynote Address.

Non-pharmacologic options still mainstay for delirium management

Delirium is associated with increased morbidity and mortality in older surgical patients, and its causes and treatments are not well understood. Recent research, though, has produced advances in recognition of the condition.

Self-awareness helps manage implicit bias in health care

All Italian moms are wonderful cooks; girls aren’t good at math; older people aren’t proficient with technology. Those are just a few of the examples of how implicit bias exists in society and affects how we perceive and treat others. Implicit bias is an unconscious assumption about someone based on race, ethnicity, gender, weight, ability, age or sexual orientation.

Private versus academic practice: Which track will you choose?

Medical students and residents got a realistic glimpse of the triumphs and challenges of an anesthesiologist in private versus academic practice Saturday during “A Day in the Life of a Physician Anesthesiologist.” The contrast is stark.

Rovenstine Lecture: Expand measurement

Quality measurement in anesthesiology began in 1935 with the launch of the Anesthesia Study Commissions, and it has grown as quality has become linked to reimbursement. Still, there are gaps in measurement — and in the response to patient requests.

‘What did you take away from the Keynote Address by Dr. Gawande?’

“As a medical student, it was good to hear his insight on the future as well as how important safety is to the operating room environment. His whole discussion of checklist implementation, the development and all the countries that are using it.”

5K offers healthiest of competition

In the span of about an hour, the eighth annual Hope For The Warriors — Run For The Warriors 5K Run/Walk was history. The brevity of this popular charity event stood in direct contrast to the lasting and far-reaching effects it leaves behind each year.

Developing a good O.R. cardiac team

Good chemistry is required in medicine — not just in pharmaceutical treatments but among the members of the treatment team. The qualities of a good team and how they can be developed will be examined in a Refresher Course session Sunday.

Workshop to explain MACRA reporting requirements

The collection and reporting of practice data as required by MACRA has raised questions and concerns among physicians who need to update their reporting processes for reimbursement. A Sunday seminar is geared to answer the questions of anesthesiologists and help them learn to meet the new requirements.

Is evening elective surgery safe?

In an era where quality measurements are used to grade and reimburse physicians, perioperative teams are in the spotlight if outcomes are less than optimal. One area drawing attention is elective surgeries performed late in the day, when perioperative teams could be tired and resources may be relatively scarce.