October 14

Exploring the evidence, measures to reduce surgical site infections

Surgical site infections (SSIs) account for approximately 20 percent of all hospital-acquired infections, and nearly 60 percent of these infections are preventable. Established guidelines help reduce the rate of SSIs, but are these guidelines effective?

Josh Linkner inspires anesthesiologists to be innovators

“Health care is in the midst of upheaval, with new technology and trends in patient care. By applying fresh and proven approaches to innovation, anesthesiologists can drive more meaningful results and adapt to changes in the field,” said best-selling author and entrepreneur Josh Linkner.

Cirrhotic patients undergoing elective surgery present unique challenges

Cirrhosis is on the rise in the U.S., and yet the risk of dying from the disease is less than half of what it was in 1970. Anesthesiologists will likely encounter more patients with cirrhosis presenting for elective surgery as they await a liver transplant. This may include arthroscopy, head and neck surgery, hernia repair and cardiac surgery.

Preventing anesthesia-related complications in children

Keeping children safe during anesthesia requires evidence-based knowledge of how to prevent, identify and manage anesthesia-related complications.

Question of the Day: How did Josh Linkner’s remarks inspire you?

Question of the Day: How did Josh Linkner’s remarks inspire you?

Tips to deal with angry patients…and colleagues

Exploring the latest findings in the causes, manifestations and management of anger can help anesthesiologists deal with angry patients, their families and colleagues.

Creating a personal brand

A personal brand helps professionals define and express their unique value. Monday’s session “Define Yourself! Your Brand Value in the Workplace” sets the framework for building brand awareness and credibility.

Fast-track pathways can improve outcomes in older hip fracture patients

Fast-tracking older hip fracture patients using enhanced recovery protocols and Perioperative Surgical Home care models may enable improvement in morbidity, mortality, quality of life and other outcomes.

FAER-Helrich Lecture: Translating research into practice

This year’s FAER-Helrich Research Lecture spotlights translational research in anesthesiology.

Multiple pathways lead to the top

When it comes to stepping into the top leadership role in state anesthesiology associations, one path does not fit all. There are many different paths to the top.