‘Father of modern business strategy’ to kick off ANESTHESIOLOGY 2016

Fortune magazine has called Harvard business strategist Michael Porter “the most famous and influential business professor who has ever lived.”

Planning is key in managing extubation failure

Extubation is an elective process that requires careful planning and preparation. Following safe airway extubation strategies that can help improve outcomes will be the focus of a Wednesday fundamentals of anesthesiology session.

‘What ASA member benefit is most valuable to you?’

From a hugely popular Rovenstine Lecture, to standing-room-only Medically Challenging Cases sessions, to routinely packed poster areas, ANESTHESIOLOGY 2016 has again offered attendees the best science, education, entertainment and value available anywhere in the specialty.

Celebration of Research honors specialty’s top scholars

A few of the specialty’s best and brightest were honored with research awards Monday during the annual Celebration of Research event. Highlights included recognition of the following individuals:

Expensive care in bad situations an ethical dilemma for physicians

The amount of care to provide to a patient when the chances for survival are limited creates an ethical quandary for physicians. What physicians are required to do for their patients and the impact of that care on cost were discussed Sunday in “I Don’t Care How Much It Costs — I Want It for My Patient!”

‘What’s been the highlight of ANESTHESIOLOGY 2016 so far?’

There are still lots of sessions and events remaining at ANESTHESIOLOGY 2016, but we thought we’d ask ASA members what has stood out for them so far.

Roundtable discussion ponders how to address DNR orders in O.R.

A Sunday Problem-Based Learning Discussion featured a freewheeling roundtable discussion of how to deal with a decompensating neonate in the O.R. when a do-not-resuscitate (DNR) order is in place for the newborn.

Challenges arise with increased use of neuroanesthesia outside the O.R.

The development of new interventional procedures has increased the use of neuroanesthesia and moved some of those procedures out of the operating suite to remote locations in the hospital, creating challenges for general anesthesiologists. A Tuesday session will look at how to deal with the challenges of those procedures.

SimSTAT to offer simulation tools for education

You’re invited to come see the future of anesthetic emergency management training from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday at Hyatt McCormick Place, Clark A.

Health care can learn from Fortune 500 companies

Fortune 500 companies have developed tremendously successful business models that many health care organizations could emulate. A Tuesday session will look at how some of those business practices should be adopted in medicine.